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Resistance - Gunnarr of Elysium, The Ferryman

Resistance - Gunnarr of Elysium, The Ferryman

By: Hawk WarGames


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Resistance - Gunnarr of Elysium, The Ferryman

Product Description

Gunnarr gained the moniker 'The Ferryman' by age 19, simply because he had already (and personally) sent a great many rivals to the next world. He is a true psychopath and lives only or violence, blood and death.

After over a decade of slaughter, The Ferryman is infamous across all the Resistance societies around the Elysiam city of Granum. As his grizzly legend grew, he attracted similarly crazed followers who now journey with him to death or carnage anywhere his murderous inclinations take him. This depraved band, known as the Myrmidons is almost as feared as Gunnarr himself. They invariably fly into battle aboard a modified Lifthawk dropship equipped with a hand built underslung crew compartment and supercharged engines, allowing him to reach the heart of the battle at terrifying speed.

Complete rules and background for Gunnar can be found in Reconquest: Phase 1.
This model comes with 4 unique command cards to represent Gunnar's abilities on the battlefield.

1 x model per blister
10mm Scale

Wingspan: 89mm
Four Resin components
4 Command Cards

Special Designer's Note: Due to the design of this model, the flight hole has been left for the player to choose where to make it. The underside design is elaborate, showing the true nature of the Ferryman's character.

Models supplied unassembled and unpainted.

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