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Algoryn AI Infiltration Team
Algoryn AI Infiltration TeamAlgoryn AI Infiltration Team

Algoryn AI Infiltration Team

By: Warlord


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Product Description

Armed with Mag Repeaters, Infiltration Squads are able to launch a devastating burst of fire at close quarters. Exclusively recruited from Algoryan females, they employ stealth tactics to take enemies by surprise, emerging with all guns blazing - their deadly hail of fire rarely missing it's mark.

The Algoryn AI Infiltration Squad contains one AI Leader with Reflex Armour, a Mag Pistol, and an X-Sling, who is accompanied by 6 AI Troopers with Reflex Armour and Mag Repeaters, and 2 Spotter Drones.

Base type shown is for illustrative purpose only, standard 25mm x 25mm bases included.

Note: Models supplied unassembled and unpainted

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