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Covenant DCS Support Vessel Upgrade

Covenant DCS Support Vessel Upgrade

By: Spartan Games


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Covenant fleets ranged far and wide in their search for Forerunner relics and new resources to exploit, with some expeditions making journeys that took them far from the light of High Charity. Many of these missions were made on faith alone, following hints and clues recovered in ruined data archives or gleaned from damaged god-machines. The crews of these exploratory vessels required sustenance and diversion, needs met by DSC support ships with their hydroponic pods and hunting grounds.

The DSC Support Vessels is a medium sized workhorse vessel designed to not only support a Covenant fleet on an extended military campaign, but its large domed areas feature hunting preserves that are used by Covenant forces to enhance their combat skills. The best known vessel of this type is the Infinite Succor, vessel of the Minister of Etiology.

4 x DSC Support Vessels (Resin)
Overlay Cards
Formation Stands

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