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Railway Prop Set (pre-painted)
Railway Prop Set (pre-painted)Railway Prop Set (pre-painted)

Railway Prop Set (pre-painted)

By: Plast Craft Games


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Product Description

Add that eerie feeling of a weird and wonderful new land and bring your games of Malifaux to life with Plast Craft Games ColorED designed for Malifaux Railway Prop Set.

Pre-coloured, pre-cut sets that are easy to assemble, so all you have to do is just build and glue the pieces together to make awesome steampunk looking buildings that meet the aesthetic and scale of the game.

The main aspect Plast Craft Games scenery stands out compared to other war game scenery manufacturers is that they are the first to use foamed PVC in the production of our sceneries. This is a material that is normally used in other fields like design, printing or building. Its flexibility, strength and light weight make it a really easy to use material that is perfect for the production of their products. Made from pre-cut, pre-coloured foamed PVC pieces, this scenery is simple to put together and can easily be transported anywhere you wish.

This pack contains all the parts to make one highly detailed Railway Prop Set.

x2 Buffer Stops:
Width: 6.2cm/ 2.4in
Height: 3.8cm/ 1.5in
Length: 5.5cm/ 2.1in
x2 Small Cable Reel:
Width: 3cm/ 1.2in
Height: 1.9cm/ 0.7in
Length: 3cm/ 1.2in
x1 Big Cable Reel:
Width: 3.9cm/ 1.5in
Height: 2.3/ 1in
Length: 3.9cm/ 1.5in
x1 Tall Wall:
Width: 10cm/ 3.9in
Height: 5.8cm/ 2.3in
Length: 2.8cm/1.1in
x2 Short Wall:
Width: 12.6cm/5in
Height: 3cm/1.2in
Length: 2.83cm/ 1.1in

Please Note: This model comes unpainted only pre-coloured and some assembly will be required. Some of the pieces come in a PVC sheet and you will need to cut the connections that fix them to the PVC sheet.

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