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Warhammer Warhammer 40k Citadel


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Codex: Deathwatch (39-01-60)
Suffer not the alien to live. The elite amongst the elite, carefully selected and recruited for their exceptional abilities, the Deathwatch are a thin black line, a sentinel that stands between the Imperium and alien threats unimaginable.
Always outnumbered – such is the staggering scale of the hordes they face – this noble brotherhood has stood stout against countless invasions, and will face countless more. Organised into small, elite companies plucked from Space Marine Chapters that have pledged a tithe of their strength in the struggle against the alien, the Deathwatch counts only heroes amongst its ranks.
This 112-page, full-colour softback Codex features: - comprehensive information on the Deathwatch fortresses that defend the Imperium and the elite Space Marines that man them; - rules for the Deathwatch miniatures, including unique army-building rules for building any of several Kill Teams suited to your play style, your collection and the task at hand – for example, a Furor Kill Team is perfect for brutal close assault with its Terminators, whereas a Venator Kill Team focuses on bikes, perfect for closing down and destroying faster enemie
3 sets of 6 Tactical Objectives, representing the many different tasks of the Deathwatch; uniform guides and information on the heraldry of Deathwatch Kill Teams, and a number of their fortresses; + a showcase of stunning Citadel Deathwatch miniatures.

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