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Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

Warhammer Quest: Silver Tower

By: Games Workshop

Warhammer Warhammer 40k Citadel


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Product Description

A brand new game in a box, telling the story of mighty heroes battling their way through the Silver Tower. The box contains:

51x brand new highly detailed plastic miniatures, with lots of little details. Quite a few miniatures are a brand new concept for the army! The miniatures have a dynamic single pose and will require glue and assembly. The miniatures can be divided into two camps:

The Warhammer Quest Heroes
6x individual Warhammer Quest heroes
· Knight Questor – The Paladin (Stormcast Eternal)
· Darkoeth Chieftan – The Barbarian (Free People)
· Fyreslayer Doomseeker The Dwarf (Dwarf)
· Excelsior War priest & Gryph Hound – The header and war priest companion (Free People)
· Mistweaver Saith – Female wizad (Aelf)
· Tenebrand Shard – The assassin (Aelf)

The Denizens
44x individual Warhammer Quest monsters that live in the Silver Tower. The below list of miniatures make for a great addition or a start of an original Grand Alliance Chaos army!
· Gaunt Summoner
· Ogroid Traumaturge
· 2x Skaven Deathrunners
· 8x Familiars
· 6x Tzaangors (Beastmen)
· 8x Kairic Acolytes
· 2x Pink Horrors
· 4x Blue Horrors
· 4x pairs of Brimstone Horrors
· 8x Grot Scuttlings

Gaming Accessories
· A guide book
· An adventure quest book
· 13x Reversible board tiles with different landscapes
· 6x Hero character cards
· 36x Skill and treasure cards
· 40x Exploration (event) cards, to offer even more variation to the game so that each game will be different.
· A booklet with assembly instructions
· Gaming accessories such as assorted gaming counters and dice sets

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